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Lighting Your Way
13 May 2022
There is nothing quite like the beam of light slowly panning the dark ocean or the moody hoot of a fog horn to remind you that you are camping next to the ocean. For many people there is something special about a Lighthouse. Is it perhaps the old world nautical charm, the romantic stories of sailors and their yearning loved ones or a light that guides you safely home after a long journey?

Things to do at Sea Shack
13 May 2022
There are so many options that come to mind when contemplating weekend activities up the West Coast, that sometimes it can be hard to decide what to spend your precious free time on. Listed below are options that can easily be enjoyed nearby or at Sea Shack.
Family Glamping
5 May 2022
It’s a local Paternoster secret but we wanted to let you know before the mad end-of-year rush starts… Family holiday glamping is now available at Sea Shack in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, situated between Paternoster and Tietiesbaai on the Cape’s West Coast of South Africa.
Soldaten Bay
1 May 2022
2am 4th December 1899.
500 soldiers and 350 horses
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